Meta Roses collection came to create an amazing
artwork of forever roses box, that can stay for
life not only as a gift in your wallet. but also at
your favourite spot in your house!

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1 MetaRose = 170 MATIC

Minting is Paused!

Connect to the Polygon Network

Install Metamask

Please make sure you are connected to the right network (Polygon Mainnet) and the correct address. Please note: Once you make purchase, you cannot undo
this action.

We have set a gas limit for the contract to successfully mint your NFT. We recommend that you don’t lower the gas limit if you are inexperienced.


The minters will have the opportunity to receive the real forever roses box of the Meta Roses artwork collectible which they have
minted, delivered in front of their door everywhere around the world! The Meta Roses collection is the most real NFT collectible
you have ever seen!

Minting Launch
After the minting process, the owners of the collectibles will have the right to receive their own Meta Roses collectible as a forever roses box in front of their door, delivered all around the world!!! How? Read Terms!
Post minting
-The real forever roses box can be delivered in front of your favourite person’s door after a communication with Cryptominder assistance! The real forever roses box, will come together with the note which the minter decided to dedicate for his/her favourite person’s real synthesis delivery!
Meta Roses Collectibles
The owner of the actual forever roses box and the Meta Roses NFT artwork can now share the love anywhere! Both in Metaverse and the real life! The real forever roses box is followed officially by its own Meta Roses collectible!
The Metaverse
Louloudia Online and Cryptominder brought the Meta Roses NFT artworks, which they can also decorate a spot in your Metaverse home, meanwhile the real forever roses box can decorate a spot in your real-life home, FOREVER!
The real forever roses box, which follows after you mint your NFT Meta Roses collectible, is created by Louloudia-Online flower artists carefully, with focus on the details for the most amazing gift someone can make, as your NFT artwork is made with a special way by the digital artists of the NFT Meta Roses Collection. Both forever roses box and Meta Roses NFT collection can live forever! Meta Roses Nft owner’s priorities.
2024 © MetaRoses

Terms of Service


Meta Roses holders, can receive the real flower that is pictured in their NFT artwork.


The receiving of the actual flower can only happen after the successful mint of a Meta Rose NFT.


To receive the actual flower that you minted, you have to come in contact with Cryptominder and show proof of the artwork you are holding in your NFT wallet after the minting process.


The shipping can happen all over the world if its permitted by every country’s shipping regulations, sent by with the additional costs and taxes wherever this applies. The additional shipping costs and taxes will be pre paid from the NFT artwork Meta Roses minter, after the minting process, and showing proof that he/she owns the specific NFT artwork Meta Roses in his/her NFT wallet, to Cryptominder.


The additional shipping costs and taxes can be paid by fiat currencies or crypto after coming in contact with Cryptominder.


Anyone who mints a Meta Roses NFT has to be sure that by paying the additional shipping costs and taxes of the real flower shipping, in case of crypto payment is covering the transaction fees and this is not going to be covered neither by Cryptominder nor in any case.


The communication for the shipping can happen only by email, contact us in this specific email address


For any kind of product damages during the shipping, extra costs of delivery after the shipping of the real product/flower, the NFT Meta Roses, Cryptominder and Louloudia Online Store, carries NO responsibility.


There is no guarantee in case the product gets lost or destroyed during the shipping and it is not going to be covered by NFT Meta Roses, Cryptominder or Louloudia Online Store in any case.